Symptoms & Treatments

Sarah is fully qualified in a number of treatments. Following a detail assessment, a treatment programme will be individually prescribed. This may include manual therapy, electrotherapy, thermal therapy, movement, soft tissue manipulation and a home programme package. Many of these techniques are used in combination to optimise recovery of the patient. 

What to expect on an appointment?
  • A detailed history of your animal and the problem you have asked Sarah to assess
  • An observation of overall conformation and posture of your animal.
  • A gait assessment of your horse/dog in straight lines, and for horses on the lunge/ridden if required. General palpation to locate any muscular/joint issues.
  • Treatment of the problems identified.
  • Specific rehabilitation advice following treatment to assist maintenance. 
  • A follow up appointment will be made if necessary or requested. 

If you are unsure whether your animal will benefit from treatment please get in touch. See below links for each where we will list possible symptoms or issues that we are able to treat or alternatively look at review our list of available treatments here:

Canine Symptoms
Equine Symptoms